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Traditional barber shop

this is about you

Tady je to o Vás

We were chosen among the three best barber shops in Prague

Tady je to o Vás

Story and vision are important to us, hence the connection with Antica Barbieria Colla

Why to us?

Do you have a date or an important business meeting? Do you want to make an impression or just look good? You are right here.


We are BarberLand. The world of men's style and elegancence in the very center of Prague.


We have personally visited barber shops all over Europe for you, so that we can offer you top quality and care comparable to the world, exactly what you as our customers deserve.

We are a place where the tradition of old craftsmanship is mixed with modern elements - perfect men's haircuts, precise care of your beard, anti-stress massages for absolute relaxation, and skin care that will make you feel reborn.

But BarberLand is first and foremost a place where it's all about you. We wish you to leave us as satisfied as possible and happy to return to us, because we do things differently than is common practice. And we enjoy it.

#You'll Like It

Proč k nám Ikony
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We don't cut just one type of cut. We can handle both short and long hair. We respect your wishes and at the same time project current trends into the result.


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 Peace and a moment of time for yourself, a cup of coffee or a glass of quality rum or whiskey. Yes, that's about it too.


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Your satisfaction is our first priority. We pay attention to communication, listening and the overall atmosphere. And we mean it.


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We know that quality care takes time. Our barbers will always have enough of it for you.


Our team



David is the founder, sole investor, brain and heart of the entire company. As a man and as a businessman, he knows very well that appearance and image are an important part of success in today's world. At the beginning of the idea, to establish your own barber shop providing top services, was personal experience with barber shops from abroad, specifically from Italy. David wanted to transfer the quality of care there and the level of service to the Czech Republic. And so in 2017 BarberLand and its unique concept "This is about you" was born.


Head, barber

Milan comes from a family of hairdressers, his great-grandfather was already a barber, so he continues the family tradition. He has been working in the field for more than 5 years, he still enjoys the craft, so he treats each client with the utmost care. He has been working at BarberLand almost since its inception, so he is in charge of all new, incoming barbers. Discipline and respect for customers are his strengths. You can also communicate with Milan in English.



Filip is a trained hairdresser, he had a great advantage because he started gathering experience from an early age in his mother's hairdressing salon. During his years of cutting hair, he discovered that he enjoyed men's haircuts and shaving more, so he decided to focus his next steps somewhere where he could fully devote himself to this passion. So he applied for the BL selection process and passed with flying colours. Filip is a very talented young barber with a great eye for detail. You can communicate with him in English, Vietnamese and Czech.


Creative, barber

Tomáš has been cutting hair with us since his studies at hairdressing school, when he came to learn the trade in practice. He has his own unique style, brings new wind and creativity to our field. He is a natural talent, happy to give you advice and always a good chat with him. Toma enjoys dyeing his hair, after all, he often sets an example himself when it comes to dyeing trends. You can communicate with him in English without any problems.



Muky decided to move from Slovakia, where he worked in one of the barbershops, to Prague and chose his new place of work here, where the services would be primarily focused on quality, not quantity. He chose BL and soon became a new member. He got into the barber trade at the age of 11 and learned to cut hair at the age of 16. He comes from North Macedonia and has been cutting hair professionally for 13 years. He is very friendly, he loves his job. You can communicate with him in English, Czech, Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian.



After studying at the secondary hairdressing school, Vítek gathered experience for several years, until he convinced us with his skills and enthusiasm for the work of a barber that he should become a new member of the BarberLand team. Vítek suffers from precision, the barber's work fascinates him about how a change in appearance can be made with a properly chosen cut, suitable coloring, or just shaving. Vítek is constantly trying to improve his techniques to guarantee the client a unique result. You can also communicate with him in English.

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